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New AZ 26-700 sheet pile

5th February 2007

The AZ-700 range, with its three existing sections that were launched during the last four years, has proven that ArcelorMittal is on the right track: optimized wider steel sheet pile sections with significant weight savings, in combination with excellent driveability and outstanding section properties. Innovation based on experience. It is now the turn of the AZ 26-700, the logical successor of the AZ 26, to take up the challenge.

The AZ 26-700 is an optimization of the AZ 26, filling the gap between the AZ 18-700 and the AZ 39-700. Characterized by a common width of 700 mm (an increase of 70 mm compared to the AZ 26), it is available in all standard steel grades. Like any AZ section, it can be rolled in different thicknesses, the nominal thickness being 12.2 mm.

Compared to the existing AZ 26, for the same section modulus of 2 600 cm³/m, the new AZ 26-700 is roughly 6 % more competitive.

The new AZ 26-700 will be available in the second quarter of 2008, and the existing AZ 26 will continue to be produced until further notice.

height thickness
I/v Mass
mm mm mm cm3/m kg/m2
AZ 24-700 459 11.2 11.2 2430 136.7
AZ 26-700 460 12.2 12.2 2600 146.9
AZ 28-700 461 13.2 13.2 2760 157.2

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